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Our Credit Experts specialize in getting you the best car loan in Ontario at the lowest possible rate.

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Not only will you get a car loan, regardless of your credit history, but we will guarantee you a rate reduction of 5% when you next trade-in your purchase!

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Ottawa Auto Financing Testimonials

FastLaneCredit Ottawa, Ontario

Bad Credit Car Loan | Auto Dealer FeedbackMy experience with Canada Motor Car has been nothing short of exceptional. The treatment right from the onset was amazing. We were treated more like guests than customers, made to feel at home by the entire staff. We dealt directly with two gentleman I can't say enough good things about; Ash and Alex. Both treated us with respect and honesty, a welcome change when dealing with this kind of purchase. Ash went out of his way more thimes that I can count to make sure that not only did the deal work, but worked in our favor, and I would gladly recommend anyone, everyone, to bring their business here given the chance. Alex treated us more like family than clients, and the entire staff was warm and personable throughout the entire experience. Tell your friends, family, and anyone else you can, Canada Motor Car is the best, the only place to bring your business!