Guaranteed Credit Card


Guaranteed Credit Card With Every Vehicle Purchase
Rejected Credit Card Application?

Fast Lane Credit can help! If you are serious about restoring your credit rating, a credit card is one of the key steps in that restoration. This is why Fast can get a guaranteed credit card with every vehicle purchase.


Our Guaranteed Credit Card program is a tool that, if used properly, can get you on the road to credit recovery. We will help you make it happen. We want you to make it happen!


Use this as one of the steps to Restoring Your Credit that we will introduce you to and you will once again reap the benefits of Good Credit. Our friendly staff will provide you with all the information, advice and assistance you need to start making the changes necessary to better your credit.

Remember, information and advice is a lot like a diet book: Only you can make it happen!

The $39 Set Up and $7 monthly fees that the card provider charges are considered by most applicants a small price to pay for the convenience of a credit card and primarily, the opportunity to demonstrate good revolving credit activity in the quest for a better credit rating. We agree!


For some people it may only take months; for some it will take a year or two, but your present circumstances can be changed with our action plan and your commitment.

to get started today!

A better credit rating awaits you with our guaranteed credit card program
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